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As a parent or carer of a person with additional needs you may find yourself to be in a situation that places you under increased stress. There may be many responsibilities and frustrations for you to cope with. It's easy to forget about your own needs when you are a caregiver.


At times it is common to feel overwhelmed, angry, depressed, frustrated and guilty. Neglecting your own needs, either as a parent, carer, relative or professional, can take its toll on your health and emotional wellbeing. To learn from others who have been in similar positions here are some resources that may be of help.


Information sheet: The Impact of Caring on Families:


Five Ways to Wellbeing, is a one page leaflet giving advice on improving physical and emotional wellbeing (attached document - link)


Steps for Stress is an easily accessible website that has a very good guide to managing stress:


This website provides general information for carers but also has a good section on managing stress:


Click on the document below for some great tips to support you - remember supporting others involves supporting your self..

Five ways to wellbeing


You can find lots of useful information from the websites located under the links button.


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