The Islington Challenging Behaviour Resource is designed to support a positive approach to behaviour managment for people with severe and profound learning disabilities and/or Autism. It is a multi-agency resource and uses an approach called the 8 step plan developed by Phillip Whitaker and colleagues. The resource is designed to be interactive and to help parents, carers and professionals develop behaviour plans that make a difference to the people we are supporting. 


As a group of professionals from across agencies we have identified a range of useful resources which we recommend you look at. These can be found in the resources bar. 


Start your journey by clicking on the tab at the top called "The 8 Steps".


The 8 Step Plan 

This is a structured approach to understanding and managing behaviours which challenge.​ It ensures you don't rush straight into strategies without exploring all the aspects of a behaviour. It makes you slow down and analyse first! Try and follow the steps and use the resources as you go to support your thinking. This will take time! You can follow Archie  and Paula (pictured below)  who will give you examples of where you are on the journey.  If you are concerned about the safety  of a person who has behaviour that challenges, or you need extra support, remember to talk to a health professional, social worker or any member of staff that works with the person.

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