How The 8 Step Plan Can Help


We know that in order to go on any journey we need to decide where to begin. This is no different when thinking about supporting people with "behaviours that challenge" The challenge is understanding the meaning of the behaviour.


The aims of this site are to emphasise a positive approach to understanding the problem and a structured approach to finding a solution.

This process helps us to slow down, think about what we are trying to achieve, and how and when to do it to be most successful.


It’s useful to talk this through with someone else where possible as we recognise that we all have different perspectives on what we consider to be challenging behaviour and we all work best when we work together.


To change a persons behaviour we first need to understand the behaviour. To do that we need to understand the individual nature of the person including their likes and dislikes, strengths, motivators and needs as well as the nature of their learning difficulties.


Some useful questions to ask:

• How severe are the Learning Difficulties and how are they impacting on the person's behaviour?
• Is the person on the Autism Spectrum and do you understand the key features and challenges related to this?
• Does the person have Attention difficulties and / or Sensory Processing Difficulties?
• Do you understand how any or all of these things can impact on behaviour?

Once we have thought about these questions we can then begin to identify the particular behaviours that are concerning us.


You can find resources avaliable to support positive behaviour change in the resources tab

You can find useful websites on the links tab (click resources and select links) 

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